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In this ever-changing market, ally with us to enjoy our GARMENT DYED collection benefits. Quick Delivery + GARMENT DYED to respond quickly to the market without sacrificing your quality or the silky smoothness.


The garment dyeing finishing will push TENCEL™ fibrillation to the limit. Incomparable peachy softness with a fantastic pigment dye / reactive dye / asutex dye casual looked.

● Garment dye collection is strongly entight with Mozartex’s Quick Delivery concept, which provide more than 200+ of our fashionable Quick Delivery items PFP (pretreatment/fibrillation readied for garment dyeing) ready for high-end-fast-fashion garment dyeing.

● PFP are weaving/fibrillated in batch production before hand to achieve uni-quality with a reasonable price, and flexible for small quantity repeat order.

● Our decades of know-how and technical background in TENCEL™ to provide high-quality PFP and garment dyeing process support to ensure low lost/low cost/low risk in garment dyeing mill side.

● Can introduced long-term/well experienced garment dyeing mill upon requested.

Shanghai Apparel Fabrics-Spring Edition ...

Date:6-8 March, 2024
Name:Mozartex Ltd.
Booth No.:6.1H-A105


Date:6-8 Feb, 2024
Name:Mozartex Ltd.
Booth No.:6J63


Date:17-18 Jan, 2024
Name:Mozartex Ltd.
Booth No.:L1

Green Challenge

Green Challenge is the country''''''''s first sustainable fashion design award with environmental protection fabrics as the theme