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Mozartex is a textile composer, specialized in TENCEL™ lyocell woven.
The factory was built not only for TENCEL™ , but also focusing on environmental-friendly production from material, process and even to our supply chain, and provide fully tractability.
Mozartex purchases the TENCEL™ (Lyocell) fiber directly from Lenzing, and arranges commission spinning and weaving through a few high-quality long-term cooperated mill in Jiangsu area, then the greige were dyeing and finishing in our own facility in Mozartex, Wuxi China. Before the finished fabric were shipped to buyers nominated garment makers. This means that full supply chain tractability can be guaranteed from fiber source right through to the garment we supply you.
The founders of Mozartex have over 40 years experience each in textile research and development. Mozart Tseng, Chairman of Board, was one of the pioneers of TENCEL™ Dyeing and Finishing in Taiwan 1992. Our team at our headquarters in Wuxi, China is led by experts in the fields of filament development, production and equipment.


1992 - Succeeded in developing TENCEL™ dyeing and finishing techniques with Cheng Sheng Co. in Taiwan.
1993 - Began purchasing fibers direct from Courtaulds, a UK-based manufacturer of fabric, clothing, artificial fibres, and chemicals, in order to control raw material sources & quality.
1994 - Established a network of TENCEL™ partners to promote the use of the fibres, including 9 spinning & weaving mills based in Taiwan.
1999 - Left Cheng Sheng Co. to set up Mozartex in Taiwan.
2001 - Established Mozartex Co., Ltd. China dye house, specializing in TENCEL™ production. Mozartex Co. was conceived with a focus on sustainable materials and environmental methods of production that reduce energy and water consumption (such as Air Flow, Cold Pad Batch pretreatment & related equipment).
2005 - Developed TENCEL™ corduroy for the Japanese market.
2007 - Developed lightweight TENCEL™ fabrics with M&S for womens’ blouses and denim.
2008 - Developed micro TENCEL™ fiber fabric for Lululemon.
2011 - Installed an automatic dissolving system for dyestuff used in Cold Pad Batch Dyeing.
2012 - Switched energy sources from heavy oil to diesel, in order to reduce carbon gas emissions from the boiler. Our 2018 target is to switch completely to natural gas for production.
2013 - Successfully re-installed our equipment for wastewater treatment, reducing COD emissions from 500ppm down to 200ppm. Our new system reduces waste emissions in our effluents without the use of chemical additions. We have established 2019-2020 targets to reduce COD emissions from 200ppm down to 60ppm with improved equipment installations.
2017 - Successfully developed a filament dyeing and finishing for TENCEL™ Luxe with Lenzing Group, which launched in Oct. 2017 Paris.
2018 - Developed Eco-Denim fabric with Archroma Co., which reduces water consumption by 50% and energy consumption by 70% in the production process.


We fell in love with TENCEL™ back in 1992, and make this “21 century fabrics ” to our life time business. Through aspect:
● Every Thing Do Our BEST
● Customer Orientated
● Innovation
● Sustainability
● Every Thing Do Our BEST 

As “Lao-tzu” (a Chinese philosopher, 6th – 4th centuries BC) said, “He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still”
Mozartex believes in striving for perfection and mastering quality. Our company’s name “技立” literally means “expertise”, and we aim to be the expert leaders of dyeing and finishing . 

Customer Orientated
At Mozartex, we value loyalty,cooperation and best services. We listen to our client’s needs and work closely with them to provide the best service we have. We protect customer’s intellectual value and treasure our partnerships with them, and do our best to develop innovative solutions to reach their goals. Our presence in the market is a result of decades of strong client collaborations and partnerships to all our prestigious customers.

As the world TOP TENCEL™ mill, We always challenge ourselves to be the pioneer of developing TENCEL™. We work closely with both up & down stream together to develop the state of the art TENCEL™ product. Our innovation lies not only in technical and product developing, but also in artistic and promoting aspect. We import beauty, fashion, and our decades of know-how in TENCEL™, to compose the best innovative TENCEL™ to reach beyond customer’s need and to lead the trend.

As we devote ourselves into “the 21 century green fiber TENCEL™”. Mozartex have been set up based on a fundamental faith of resource-saving, and try as sustainable as possible in environmental & social responsible side. In believing the faith, we demand from our raw material, equipment, process, emission, the whole supply chain and even to all our employees to be as sustainable as possible . We hope by doing this way, we can influence all our customers, suppliers and every people we knew to believe in the same faith and play their part to try making the world better.


● President
   Mozart Tseng
      ▶ Decades of experience in Dyeing & Finishing within the international textile market.
      ▶ Former Plant Manager of Taiwan’s Cheng Sheng D&F Co.
      ▶ Pioneer of TENCEL™ Lyocell Dyeing & Finishing in Taiwan 1992.
  1975: Bachelor of Science, Dyeing & Finishing
  1977: R&D specialist in Dyeing & Finishing Department, Formosa Plastics Group
  1985: Technique Section Manager, Cheng Sheng D&F Co.
  (In succession: Vice Plant Manager, Plant Manager, R&D Manager and Sales Manager)
  1999: Founder and General Manager of Mozartex, Taiwan
  2001: Founder and Chairman of Board for Mozartex, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China.

● Sales Team

   General  Manager :       Mai Tseng 

  Vice General Manager: Mars Tseng

  Sales Representative:   Helen Chen

● Our Partnering Agents

Tommaso Rulli +1 646 485 8792 ext 1
Address: 20 West 20th st #1003 New York, NY 10011

United Kingdom 
SJ Global Textile Consulting Limited 
Steve Jones 44 7913 200134 
Address: 16, Ilkley Drive,Urmston, Manchester M41 8DB,United Kingdom 

Alfred Puttmann 49170-2220713      
Address: Finkenweg 21,Bietigheim-Bissingen D-74321,Germany


● Ownership: Taiwanese, base in China
● Capital: $6 million USD
● Size of Facilities: 26400m²
● Employees: Approx. 108
● Capacity: 2,000,000M / month (TENCEL™ Lyocell 1,000,000M/month)
● Tel: 86-510-8827-8588   Fax: 86-510-8827-1738
● Mill Add: No.218 Xigan Road, New District, Wuxi City, JiangSu, China. 214111
● Inspection standard: AATCC 4 Point System.
   A grade: 28—35 points/100m² (Depends on Article# and Finishing).
● Min. Order Quantity: (MOQ)
   3000m / per item; 1000m / per color. (Surcharge will be added if quantity less than MOQ).
   Don’t accept order less than 500m / color / order in bulk production.
● Mozartex guarantee all of our fabric’s garment cutting lost below 5%, Mozartex will refund the over part fabric cost without any excuse.
   Garment mill have to keep all the change pieces for our checking.


(All imported from Germany, Japan, Italy and Taiwan).
Air-flow m/c , Jet dye , cold pad batch dye and beam dye , peach & printing m/c. Air-tumbler, X-Rite color spectrum meter , Macbeth & Verivide light box and other color fastness & physical testing m/c….etc.

  R & D

● Mozartex is a world R&D leader in TENCEL™ fibres developing.
● More than 25 years of expertise in TENCEL™ technology and innovation development, from design to quality control.
● We work closely with international brands ranging from high-street to high-end. With our strong ODM abilities, we provide clients with development services and product options ahead of season.
● As an ODM, we develop exclusive qualities and patterns for clients.
● Our portfolio currently contains over 2000 qualities in TENCEL™ and cotton, with more than 50 new articles and colors each season.
● One-stop-service: based on our expertise with TENCEL™, we also offer customers the option of various finishings for the same fabric (i.e. PD/YD/print/denim/garment dye/coating, etc.), or same fabric weights with different weaves/materials/stretch.
● QD: to provide high-end fast fashion and flexibility for small quantity orders at a reasonable price. Flexible on the development of 50m
   minimum order quantities.

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