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As we continue to face unprecedented challenges within the textile industry that impact our environment, Mozartex understands the social and ecological imperatives for an operation of our size to be responsible in business. 
Our approach to sustainability is to focus on materials and production processes with low impacts on the planet, while ensuring that our employees are provided with the best working environment that meets social standards beyond compliance . Clients often send auditors to check our operations for compliance, and we have consistently received high scores for results.

Mozartex has also developed long-term partnerships with eco-focused brands around the world such as Patagonia, Lululemon, Eileen Fisher, Mara Hoffman, Toad&Co, Bestseller to name a few. Our partners choose Mozartex for our resilient and sustainable infrastructure, and know that they can trust us with quality products that not only speak to their target customers but are also mindful of their environmental footprint.  

At Mozartex, there is no stopping point for us in our relentless pursuit for sustainable, quality fabric development that is governed by a corporate responsibility for environmental protection and ethical labour. 

At Mozartex we are committed to knowing everything about our supply chain. This helps us ensure that our products are not only made with quality, but are also governed by rigorous social, environmental and safety standards.  
Every step of our supply chain is traceable up to the final garments that reach our customers. From fibre to fabrics, Mozartex maintains full control and management over all production within our operations, including the design and development of collections. This is particularly important to our ODM strategy, which requires tight monitoring of our production in-house. 
Where outsourcing is required, we ensure that we are in direct communication with mill partners within our supply chain, most of whom are long-term partners we have worked closely with over the decades, and are qualified TENCEL™ Lyocell alliance cooperators.  
We purchase TENCEL™ (Lyocell) fibres directly from our partners at Lenzing Group.  Fibres are then sent to a long-term mill partner based in Jiangsu to be spun and woven. Fabrics are then dyed and finished in our own facility in Wuxi, before being packed and shipped to buyers. 

Dyestuff & Auxiliaries
The wet-processing of textiles is chemical-intensive and contributes to the pollution of our waterways. This is why water stewardship is one of our top environmental priorities at Mozartex – we want our efforts to lower the impacts of our water footprint to be as rigorous as our attention to the quality of our products.  
Our goals are to eliminate as many harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process through environmentally-safe production, and to protect the health and safety of our employees.  
Mozartex only uses leading international, Bluesign certified brands for dyestuff and auxiliaries. While other systems certify finished products and goods, the Bluesign system uses Input Stream Management to address the root of environmental issues – by guaranteeing the application of clean, sustainable ingredients at the beginning of the process. 

Our partners:

Sustainable Materials 
Our commitment to using sustainable fibres and materials begins with the founder of our company, Mozart Tseng, who was one of the pioneers of TENCEL™ Dyeing and Finishing in Taiwan 1992 for the Lenzing Group. Lenzing Group is the leading producer of viscose, modal and lyocell fibres sourced from sustainably-managed forests, and Mozartex has been working closely with Lenzing Group since the launch of TENCEL™ Lyocell 25 years ago. 
Our team takes great measures to source materials that uphold well-recognized environmental standards for production, so that the quality of our work is not compromised by a negative impact on the already limited resources of our planet.  It is this business decision by Mozartex that reflects our values for loyalty, efficiency and cooperation amongst our industry community.  
TENCEL™ Lyocell is a key product in our portfolio, not only for its technical fibre composition but also for its sustainable production. In addition to being sourced from certified and controlled sources, TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres use a closed loop production process with high resource efficiency and low ecological impact. Our portfolio also includes Lenzing’s TENCEL™ Luxe and RefibraTM
For more information about TENCEL™ 
Other sustainable materials and fibre technologies within our portfolio:  
Eco-Denim, Organic Cotton (certified by GOTS), BCI, Hemp, Recycle Poly, PFC-Free(C0) water repellent, Topgreen Recycled Yarn

Ecological Dyeing Process
Innovation is at the heart of what we do. The dyeing process in the textile industry places a huge demand on our resources, so our team is continually searching for advanced technological processes that conserve water, energy, and electricity. 
At Mozartex, our ecological dyeing process applies a “cold pad batch” that saves 50% of water and energy. This dye process is suitable for full-scale production as well as customized orders.
The quality of our processes cannot be achieved without the technology used in our facilities for production. Our team of specialists rely on our equipment to produce a multitude of designs in high volumes for our clients, and so it is important for our dyeing machines to be as efficient as possible. 
Mozartex uses a THEN air-flow machine for dyring, that saves over 80% of water and 50% of auxiliaries in comparison to a traditional jet-dye machine. 

Wastewater and Air Emissions
Mozartex has a self-owned wastewater/air treatment system. 
We monitor strict control and testing of emissions within our operations to meet effluent standards. A third-party lab test is conducted on our operations’ effluent every 3 months, and lab test results can be provided for buyer & regulation audits. 
We also use an online checking system for our wastewater COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), where the data retrieved is then submitted to government records.

Environmental Certifications
A portion of Mozartex products are certified to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, RSL, REACH. While not all products have yet reached full certification, Mozartex ensures to use only the best dyestuff & auxiliaries. Guarantee letters for all products which meet these standards are available upon request. 

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