We’re specialized in:

a. all kinds of Tencel/Blend woven fabrics. Over 1000 items, including:

Tencel 100%, Tencel/Cotton, Tencel/Poly, Tencel/Nylon, Tencel/Linen, Tencel/Silk, Tencel/Wool, Tencel Corduroy, Tencel Denim, Tencel Stretch, Tencel mole-skin, Tencel Jacquard, Tencel print,Tencel Crepe, Tencel yarn dyed, Tencel Nano-Tex, Tencel wrinkle-free, Tencel embroidery, Tencel Pigment printing, Tencel Sun, Tencel Micro, Tencel Coating…

b. High Density Cotton/Nylon, Cotton/Poly for jackets and coats

c.High Count & High Density Cotton (fabric enzyme-wash process to ensure European-like handfeeling)


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